Redefining Capitalism Foundation

The global evolution in social enterprise is merging two sectors that were previously thought as complete opposites but whose combination could provide with effective solutions for our world’s pressing challenges. The RedefiningCapitalism Foundation is an organisation created with the mission of supporting this transition to purpose-based business models. We have not created this movement, but we are proud to be a part of it. And we actively participate by: raising awareness through creative content, connecting changemakers – becoming “serendipity engineers” – through our different initiatives, and collaborating in building sustainable mechanism for empowerment, both through education and strategic investment.

As stakeholder capitalism advocates, we strongly believe in the possibilities that are created when we combine the boundless human talent and creativity and harness it through the free market in a conscious way. We visualise a world where for-profit and not-for-profit collide to create “for-impact”, where organisations have a long term purpose of generating social change and that at the same time provide prosperous financial returns.

Building a Better Capitalism for a Better World